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Henry Kissinger, 1976

Henry Kissinger1923-05-27, Fürth, Jarmalka). 56aad ee Wasaarada Arimaha Dibadda ee Mareykanka.

"Briefing paper for Zbigniew Brzezinski's meeting with Somalian Minister Kassim and Ambassador Addou. Topics include: Somali-Soviet relations; U.S. arms sales to Somalia; Somali invasion of Ethiopia; human rights' issues in Somalia. Memo. National Security Council. SECRET. Issue Date: Dec 7, 1977. MEMORANDUM NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL December 7, 1977 INFORMATION MEMORANDUM FOR: ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI FROM: PAUL B. HENZE SUBJECT: Meeting with Somali Minister Kassim and Ambassador Addou State has prepared a briefing paper (TAB A) for your meeting with Minister Kassim, Ambassador Addou and two other members of Kassim's delegation at 9:30 a.m., Thursday, 8 December 1977. Kassim has already met with Secretary Vance, who was disappointed that he had nothing new to say. I have no quarrel with the suggested talking points in State's memorandum, though there may be more than you actually want to say. I suggest you emphasize a few simple themes: - We are pleased the Somalis have broken with the Soviets, who bear a great deal of the responsibility for leading them into the trouble in which they now find themselves. - We can supply no arms because the Somalis have invaded Ethiopia. Siad has not answered President Carter's queries about how the fighting can be stopped and negotiations can begin. - We think the Somalis should be thinking seriously about how they can extricate themselves from the predicament their Ogaden invasion has put them in: wouldn't it be a good idea to think of proposing an arrangement that would give the Ogaden autonomy while remaining under Ethiopian sovereignty? (There is no assurance the Ethiopians would be willing to entertain such an idea at all, of course, but it could be the basis for discussion.) - The Somalis have complicated their situation needlessly by refusing to give Kenya guarantees of border inviolability. Why can't they bring themselves to do this in straightforward fashion?"

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