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Template:Intricate template

Ka Wikipedia
Tusmadan (Template) waa tusmo qatar ah waxay ka mid tahat boggaga la'difaaco oo aanan la'ogoleyn in wax laga bedelo si looga hortago fandhaliisamka (Vandalism). Fadlan bogga wadahadalka ku qor wixii fikrado ama su'aalo aad qabtid .

template begins
This template employs intricate features of template syntax.
Please do not alter it unless you understand its setup and parser functions and are ready to repair or revert all collateral damage if results are unexpected.
Any experiments should be conducted and all improvements tested in either the template sandbox or your user space before changing anything here.
template ends

Actually, this template's syntax is relatively simple, but templates that link to the above message should be intricate, e.g. complex, using less obvious techniques, esoteric syntax, combining different techniques, used as parameter for other templates, build to function for a variety of calling instances, etc. The above template adds templates to Category:Esoteric templates.