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Tusmadan (Template) waa tusmo qatar ah waxay ka mid tahat boggaga la'difaaco oo aanan la'ogoleyn in wax laga bedelo si looga hortago fandhaliisamka (Vandalism). Fadlan bogga wadahadalka ku qor wixii fikrado ama su'aalo aad qabtid .


Usage[wax ka badal xogta]

This template behaves like {{lang}}, but additionally inserts the dir="rtl" parameter in the span, and adds the ‎ character at the end of the span.

Note that this is not required for normal insertion of a string in a left-to-right script. If you don't know what you are doing, use {{lang}}.

For example, to produce strings in Arabic or Hebrew scrip, simply use:

* The romanization of "{{lang|ar|اللغة العربية}}" is "{{ISOtranslit|''al-‘arabiyyah''|ar}}".
* The romanization of "{{lang|he|עברית}}" is "{{ISOtranslit|''‘Ivrit''|he}}".
* {{lang|kk|Қазақ тілі}} ({{lang|kk|قازاق ڌﻳل}})

which yields

Inline use of the dir="rtl" parameter will be restricted to very rare cases, such as use of Arabic letters as symbols in mathematical formulae, or several levels of nested ltr-within-rtl-within-ltr.

Further note that

For the 'direction' property to affect reordering in inline-level elements, the 'unicode-bidi' property's value must be 'embed' or 'override'.[1]

and that the point of the dir parameter is proper linebreaking behaviour: if a linebreak separates اللغة العربية, it should be " العربية", not "اللغة " that is taken to the next line.

For entire rtl paragraphs (as opposed to citations of rtl strings within an English ltr paragraph), use {{rtl-para}}.