Hussein Kulmiye Afrah

Ka Wikipedia
husein Qanyare Afrah
محمد قنيري افرح
Somali Faction Leader
[[ Ambassador to Template:CountryPrefixThe]]
May 1995 – July 2008
ka horeeyayIbrahim Omar Shaaweye
Ku xigayMohamed Nur
Faahfaahin shaqsiyadeed
Dhashay (1941-08-01) Agoosto 1, 1941 ( 82jir)
Ceelbuur, Galguduud, Somalia
Dhintay29. Juun 2019(2019-06-29) (da'da 81jir)
Nairobi, Kenya
Other political
United Somali Congress
ShaqoPolitical Activist

Mohamed Qanyare Afrah (Af Soomaali : Maxamed Qanyare Afrax, Af Carabi : ar‎}(1941) was a Somali faction leader and politician who was based south of Mogadishu in the Daynile District.[1] He came in third position in Somalia's first election as a federal country[2] on 10 October 2004 and subsequently appointed as Public Security Minister in the government of Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Gedi, He served as Minister of Security in 2006 but was dismissed after ignoring calls by the Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi to stop fighting forces of the Islamist Courts.[3] He continued to participate actively in Somali political affairs being reelected to the first post transitional federal parliament of Somalia as a member of parliament, he resigned from his seat representing his (Murusade) clan in the summer of 2013, his seat in the Federal Parliament of Somalia was taken over by his son Cabdiweli Mohamed Qanyare.

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