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The Saransoor tribe[wax ka badal xogta]

Saransoor clan Is one of the largest somali clans And they belong to the Samaale Gatheree sample Among the nine sons of Samaale And live at different places of the larger somali lands Extending from Hiraan province To Nageylee near Oromo lands To Tana River in Kenya

Saransoor branches into four main branches Geeljecel Masare Degodia Cise

The Saransoor forms Almost 2 million of the larger 25 millions of the whole somali nation population

Living in different demarcations under different governments makes them Felt less influence in the somali national politics

They live in areas of Beledweyn Dollo Ado Filtu Suftu Mandera Wajeer Garrison Tana River Kismayo Balidoglee Muqdisho Nairobi

Saransoor family Is one of the purest somali tribes in terms of Nasaab They don't have Mixed family origin They came from one father Connected by blood

They are among the wealthiest somali people Being popular in camel keeping

Also mostly live along the three permanent rivers of Horn of Africa Shebelle Juba Tana River

They are peace loving people

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