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Suuqa ka dhaxeeya Yurub
Economic union


"Ode to Joy" (orchestral)
EEC in 1993
Caasimadda Brussels
Qaab siyaasadeedka Economic union
Commission President
 - 1958–1967 Walter Hallstein
 - 1967–1970 Jean Rey
 - 1973–1977 François-Xavier Ortoli
 - 1977–1981 Roy Jenkins
 - 1981–1985 Gaston Thorn
 - 1985–1993 Jacques Delors
Legislature Council of Ministers
European Parliament
Waagii Cold War
 - Treaty signed 25 March 1957
 - Established 1 January 1958
 - European Communities 1 July 1967
 - Single market 1 January 1993
 - Communities become a pillar of the EU 1 November 1993
 - Pillar abolished 1 December 2009
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¹ The information in this infobox covers the EEC's time as an independent organisation. It does not give details of post-1993 operation within the EU as that is explained in greater length in the European Union and European Communities articles.
² De facto only, these cities hosted the main institutions but were not titled as capitals due to the EEC being primarily an international organisation.