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'Buhoodle (SomaliBuuhoodleArabic: بووهودل‎‎), also known as Bohotle or “Buhodle”is the capital of the northern Ayn region in Somalia. It is a prominent border town for movements of goods to and from SomalilandPuntland and the Somali region of Ethiopia. The surrounding district is rich in both livestock and fledgeling agriculture. It has primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Buhoodle is a medium-sized city that has clinics, hospitals, electricity and all the amenities required of a city. It is notable for being the birthplace of the father of the Somali nation, Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, (Mad Mullah).The city is currently controlled by Khaatumo state of Somalia.

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Buuhoodle is located in Somalia
Dhacdaa: 8°13′50″N 46°19′36″E / 8.23056°N 46.32667°E / 8.23056; 46.32667Isuduwe: 8°13′50″N 46°19′36″E / 8.23056°N 46.32667°E / 8.23056; 46.32667
Dalka  Somalia
Gobol Cayn
Saacad EAT (UTC+3)

Buuhoodle waa magaalo madaxda gobolka Cayn. Intii u dhexaysay 1960 ilaa 1991 waxay ahayd degmo ka tirsan gobolka Togdheer ee waqooyiga Soomaaliya.