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U bood: gooshitaan, raadi
Left pointing double angle quotation mark.svg Cadawgaa looma taahee, tunka u adkeey *** Canjeero siday u kala koreysaa loo cunaa (loo kalaqadaa).
Carab iyo ilkaa cid isugu dhaw iyana weeys qaniinaan'. *** Biyo socdaa biyo fadhiyeey kiciyaan. Right pointing double angle quotation mark.svg
—Abaal dad galaa badan, dad gudaase yar

Ku soo dhowoow Goobta Wikipedia!
Halkaan waxaad xaq uleedahay inaad fekar munaasab ah ka dhiibato, hadii uu jiro wax aad isleedahay in lagu kordhiyo Wikipedia qaybta soomaaliga, goobtaan waxay u-qaybsan-tahay 3 qaybood oo kala ah Wararka, Farsamo iyo Caawinaad, waxaad ku kordhin kartaa qoraal adigoo gujinaya (Ku Darso) saxiina raaci ~~~~ adigoo gujinaya batoonka saxiixa ee ku yaal qaybta warka lagu qoro halkeeda sare.
Qaybaha Goobta


Ku darso Taariikh
Ilaali Kaydka

Ogeysiis iyo warar wikipedia



Ku darso Taariikh
Ilaali Kaydka

Wadahadal ku saabsan arrimo farsamo iyo cilado ku saabsan Wikipedia



Ku darso Taariikh
Ilaali Kaydka

Wax alla wixii ku saabsan wikipedia xagga higgaada ama eray-bixinta, iyo dhamaan qoraalka qaldan adigoo soo sheegaya maqaalka uu ku jiro.


Dear Soomaliga colleagues,

firstly: Sorry for not knowing Somali!

Your only admin Maax has not edited since 2013, Category:Delete is quite full. How do you feel about your situation? Do you think help from outside the community is necessary? Is there someone who could take over the administrator job? Made4me maybe, as regular editor? Sincerely, Man77 (talk) 20:15, 8 Oktoobar 2015 (UTC)

Dear Man77, it is true that our "only" admin is been inactive for sometime, and we need someone to take care of daily changes, like deal with vandalism and delete unwanted pages. As a regular editor, if granted permission, I can takecare of most of the vandalism and most of necessary daily basis duties.. But I believe there are others who are more suitable as a Somali admin including ismail4all and abshirdheere. If there is no one else, I am ready. Note: an active Somali speaking admin is really very important for this Wikipedia. Thanks. Made4me (talk) 01:12, 9 Oktoobar 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for your response. I have taken a look on the ongoings here every now and then for half a year and I am quite shocked how you are left alone in your situation, which is why I want to try do change it.
Could you start a discussion in a place, where you usually discuss things and where most of the community members would participate? I mean: Ask who is willing to do the job and (once you know who is willing) have some kind of poll? If one or two of you is/are able to get five others to support him (or her), I think and hope you will be granted a new admin.
I, however, think it will be better if these next steps are made by a Somali speaker, by someone who knows this wiki. As mentioned, I am not, and my Arabic is also way too bad to write sentences like these. If you need my support, feel free to ask at any time. Once you have your candidate(s) I for sure will advocate for you on meta wiki. Good luck, شكرا مرة أخرى, Man77 (talk) 08:15, 9 Oktoobar 2015 (UTC)