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Dadka Ingiriiska
English people
English mosaic.jpg
qaar ka mid ah dadka caanka ah
Meelaha ay ku badan yihiin
 United Kingdom 37.6 million ku nool
 United States 25 milliona [2]
Template:AUS 7.2 millionb [3]
Template:CAN 6.6 millionc [4]
Template:NZL 44,000–282,000 [5]




a English American, b English Australian, c English Canadian

Dadka Ingiriiska (; ) waa bulsho iyo qoomiyad ka soo jeeda wadanka Ingiriiska, kuwaasi oo ku hadla luuqada Af-Ingiriisi.[6]



  1. The 2011 England and Wales census reports that in England and Wales 32.4 million people associated themselves with an English identity alone and 37.6 million identified themselves with an English identity either on its own or combined with other identities, being 57.7% and 67.1% respectively of the population of England and Wales.
  2. 2010 ACS Ancestry estimates
  3. (Ancestry) The 2011 Australian Census reports 7,238,500 people of English ancestry.
  4. (Ethnic origin) The 2006 Canadian Census gives 1,367,125 respondents stating their ethnic origin as English as a single response, and 5,202,890 including multiple responses, giving a combined total of 6,570,015.
  5. (Ethnic origin) The 2006 New Zealand census Archived 19 Febraayo 2008 // Wayback Machine reports 44,202 people (based on pre-assigned ethnic categories) stating they belong to the English ethnic group. The 1996 census used a different question to both the 1991 and the 2001 censuses, which had "a tendency for respondents to answer the 1996 question on the basis of ancestry (or descent) rather than 'ethnicity' (or cultural affiliation)" and reported 281,895 people with English origins; See also the figures for 'New Zealand European'. Template:Webarchive
  6. . Soo qaatay 8 July 2011.  Maqan ama ebar |title= (caawin)
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